Now this is beautiful Colorado amazonite!

The above image shows what impressive amazonite looks like…beautiful rich blue or greenish blue color on perfect crystals etc. While our cyrstals from my previous post are much larger than these, the color is not as impressive…which is why we didn’t invest in removing the iron staining from our amazonite crystals.

Beautiful Amazonite from ColoradoThis pair of beautiful amazonite crystals were pulled out of the Confetti Pocket at the Smoky Hawk Mine in Lake George, Colorado. This pocket was featured on Season 2, Episode 5 of the Prospectors TV show.

The crystals were a gift from Prospector Joe Dorris who owns the mine. You see, our GIA Alumni Group was on a mining field trip at the Smoky Hawk when the Confetti Pocket was found. It was very exciting as the pocket was large and full of crystals!

Beautiful Amazonite from ColoradoJoe let each of us put our hand in the pocket a couple of times to pull out crystals. I pulled out an amazing and rare amazonite with twinned flourite crystals. Here I am with another sizeable chunk of amazonite I pulled out on my second go at it. You can see the difference in color between what I pulled out at Joe’s claim and what we found in our first pocket on our claim…Joe’s is clearly rich blue while ours is heavily iron stained. Now this is the stuff we’re looking for on our claim! I’m keeping our fingers crossed that this is our year.

In his mining operations, Joe uses heavy equipment to dig further down into the earth. That’s where he’s been finding higher concentrations of amazing amazonite and smoky quartz specimens. We’re using our own elbow grease to dig on our claim, so we’re not going nearly as deep. But I’m still holding out hope we find some amazing things.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for 3 weeks in Madagascar so I will have some wonderful gemology tidbits to share with you from that trip in the coming months!

Author: Michelle M. Rahm is a GIA-trained Graduate Gemologist and is President of Colorado’s Mile High Chapter of the GIA Alumni Association. She has been selling gemstones and jewelry online since 1997. Visit her websites and

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Michelle holds a Graduate Gemologist Diploma, Graduate Diamonds Diploma and Graduate Colored Stones Diploma through the Gemological Institute of America's distance education program. Michelle currently serves as President of the Mile High GIA Alumni Association. She also serves on the board of the Rocky Mountain Jeweler's Association and is a member of the American Gem Trade Association.
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