Madagascar: A gemologist’s journey (Evening in Ranomafana)

Continuing on from Ambatovaky we head to Ranomafana, where we spent a day without gem mining activities to enjoy the park. Ranomafana National Park, located outside Ranomafana the town, is a gorgeous tropical rain forest comprising over 161 square miles. Ranomafana Park is home to several of Madagascar’s rare lemur species among other rare species of flora and fauna. It is also the backdrop of the new Imax movie Madagascar: Island of Lemurs.

Ranomafana Park

We arrived in Ranomafana at nightfall, just in time to take an evening walk, a short night time tour to see the nocturnal animals. We saw mouse lemurs hopping back and forth between branches, spiders, lizards, frogs among other creatures. The guides were very interesting and knowledgeable. It was really a neat thing to do. Ranomafana is one of the most visited parks in Madagascar.

Nocturnal Creatures of Ranomafana Park
We closed the evening with an amazing feast in the town of Ranomafana and entertainment with a local band and children doing Malagasy tribal dance. Unfortunately it was so dark in the room, they were difficult to see. But I really got a kick out of these kids with their floppy hairstyles. They were so fun to watch.

Next, we take a daytime tour of Ranomafana to see all the beauty the park has to offer.

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