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Madagascar: A Gemologist’s Journey (Antsirabe)

Antsirabe, called the city of water for its thermal activity, is also the gem and mineral trading center of Madagascar. Upon our arrival we met local gem and mineral dealers having their usual street show. There were mineral specimens, cut … Continue reading

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White Sapphire vs. Moissanite Price Comparison

In my previous post I compared the visual differences between two diamond alternatives: Forever Brilliant moissanite and Chatham white sapphire. Now that you know the visual differences, let’s compare prices. Chatham white sapphires are only available as small as 1.5mm … Continue reading

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Addicted to TV Gem Shopping

Recently I’ve been chatting with a gentleman about various different gems. He hasn’t ordered anything from me but I’ve enjoyed our conversations. In all honesty, I don’t really want to take his money and I’ve told him that. You see, … Continue reading

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A Little Bulge Is Beneficial

In my previous post I discussed how the pavilion of a diamond can affect its beauty. Today I want to talk about how pavilion can affect the beauty of a colored stone. As I mentioned, fire and brilliance are the … Continue reading

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Repairing an 850 Carat Imperial Topaz

Because November is topaz month, I thought this would be a fun project to share with you. I’ve prepared the video below showing the step-by-step process of repairing a chipped table facet on a large 850 carat Imperial Topaz. My … Continue reading

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